Daddy, War, and Me

"Daddy, did you ever shoot anyone?"

The question slipped out when I was ten years old. Until that moment, I had never thought about how he might have participated in World War II. The minute I asked, I was scared to hear the answer. So, I twisted my braids and waited. There was no turning back.

He looked up briefly from his work table in our backyard. I loved being his helper.  “I’m out of nails, Connie. Go get me some from the shed over there, Sha.”

On the way to the shed, I thought of the sad story about my mother’s Uncle Angelus Herpin.  

Connie Hebert, BA, MSW

Summer Solstice 2017 Edition


True Inklings

Diary of a Hard-Headed Woman

I believe in magic. Not abracadabra magic, but the real kind.

The kind that settles in the bones and guides the hearts of those willing to listen and surrender to its ancient wisdom.

True Inklings; Diary of a Hard-Headed Woman is a blend of dark, spicy gumbo, sweet potato pie, and homemade wine. A mixture of  the best of two worlds––the hypnotic appeal of living way down yonder in New Orleans and the joie-de-vivre of Southwest Louisiana.

Both cultures, though mutually exclusive,  afforded me the means to put off converting my inner maiden into the completion of womanhood. While suffering the consequences, I also enjoyed a ride I could never have imagined.

Yes, I do believe in magic––the magic that transformed me––a silent, indifferent, yet unrelenting sacred power.

Work in Progress by

     Connie Hebert

True Inklings;

Diary of a Hard-Headed Woman